About Us

About KritiDS

Bringing finesse in makeup and hairstyling, our team led by Kriti and Richa, is the epitome of creativity and innovation. The beauty salon, KirtiDS, kick started with passion but eventually grew into a big name you trust.

Starting out small and with skills to help you shine, we put our sheer hard work and dedication that has the ability to transform you. The products we use, speaks of quality and are supple on skin. In such a diverse country like India, we don’t ignore the fact that we have varied individuality which reflects in our skin tones as well. Thus, the aim is not to make you fairer than you are but to enable your skin to sparkle the most it can.

KirtiDS is here to stay and is open to customer’s opinions and valued suggestions. We know you understand yourself better, so we are inclined to work with what your heart truly wants.

Cinderella needed that ONE day to meet her prince, but we all know who empowered her to do so. The Fairy Godmother! Give us a chance to be one and our magic wand will help you dazzle the night just the way Cinderella did.

Why Choose Us?

KritiDS is a renowned beauty salon in Delhi, famous for the contribution it has done in the world of beauty treatment. We at KritiDS, share a colossal expertise and sheer knowledge to make a woman look stunning and elegant. Being in a business which is absolutely customer centric, our job relies on a deep understanding of the customer’s requirements and proceeding according to it. Great makeup and stylish hairstyles have made us stand out of the crowd.

Transforming women into style Divas that help them lead their life like superstars…

Utilizing the safest, proactive and results-giving technology -We make ‘you’ look bold & beautiful. 

We as a team provide the most efficient beauty services that offer long term outcomes to its customers with no side-effects at all. 

Our Team

Kriti Dhir


Kriti is a young and dynamic woman that has immense experienced as a makeup artist and hair stylist.

Richa Dhir


Richa is a youngest and energetic partner of Kriti and well known for their extraordinary contribution in beauty treatment.